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Recruitment powered by marketing.



A recruitment marketing and employer branding agency with a difference.

Hey, we’re SWAY, a full-service Creative Agency specialising in recruitment marketing and employer branding. Our unique model combines creativity, technology and experience to transform your brand into your number one recruitment and retention tool.


We change the way people think about your brand.

It isn’t just your employer brand anymore, it’s your brand, full stop. Intelligent recruitment and brand campaigns don’t just make people want to join your business, they change people’s perception of your company. We’ll help you reach your brand and recruitment goals through a combination of the below:

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Powered by creativity, fuelled by data and driven by impact.

To attract the right talent, you need to put the right content, in the right place, at the right time. There’s a real science to this, and we’ve cracked it. Our innate understanding of the recruitment and marketing worlds means we know how to craft beautiful campaigns that will drive engagement and action from the people you want to reach.


Positively disrupting the world of recruitment marketing.

More and more companies have worked out that a great employer brand equals happy people. Happy people that want to join you, want to stay with you, want to buy from you and want to use your services. Win, win, win, win.

Our team have delivered game changing recruitment marketing and employer brand campaigns for everything from charity organisations and local businesses to multinational retail chains and global brands.

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