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Positively disrupting the world of recruitment marketing.


We're incapable of delivering something we aren't incredibly proud of.


The psychology of candidate behaviour deeply influences the success of marketing campaigns - and we get it.


Copy and paste campaigns are not marketing. If it doesn't make us excited,

we don't do it.


Our creativity always serves a purpose, and that purpose is results.

Meet SWAY.

We unify talent and businesses by providing recruitment marketing and employer branding solutions that inspire audiences, drive engagement and change the way people think about your brand. 


Our unique blend of marketing, technology and recruitment expertise is underpinned by a practicality that prioritises results and gets you closer to the best talent in your industry at every touchpoint. 


Our team of dynamic, experienced creatives craft multi-channel campaigns that help you connect to your candidates (and customers) in new and better ways, driving innovation and accelerating recruitment performance.

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The SWAY story.

Our journey started back in 2015 when our MD and founder, Rob, hired our Marketing Director and co-founder, Tom. Back then, Rob was Director of recruitment for Specsavers and brought in Tom to head up the marketing team. 

Together, they developed a new, marketing-led approach to recruitment that prioritised employer brand and engaged the industries best talent with the power of marketing. 

They built a recruitment marketing team and flipped the list of priorities. Instead of posting job ads and crossing their fingers, they created intelligent marketing campaigns that nurtured candidates and took them on a journey from out in the cold, to actively looking for a role in their business. 

Our employer brand soon became our number one recruitment and retention tool. The combination of marketing and recruitment, of creativity and science, of branding and technology completely transformed our talent strategy and led to a 50% growth in specialist hires in just 12 months. 

Since cracking the code, we’ve continued to be progressive, to innovate and be agents of change. Only now, we are SWAY, and we’re here to help you achieve your brand and recruitment goals.


Powered by creativity, fuelled by data,

driven by impact.

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