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Revolutionising care recruitment.

Using the power of marketing to provide a solution for your urgent, ongoing and future recruitment needs.

Recruitment marketing.

Employer branding.

Beautifully effective employer brand campaigns that will drive engagement and action from the people you want to reach.

Transforming your social media pages into a cost-effective recruitment tool with the power of great content.

Social media marketing.

Taking talented people on a journey from out in the cold to actively looking for a job in your organisation.

Talent lead generation.

The care industry didn’t need another recruitment business, it needed something different. So, we made SWAY.

Our core principle is to combine recruitment and digital marketing with innovative tracking technology to give us a unique approach that’s purposely built for the care industry.

Rather than put up a job advert and cross our fingers, we use this technology to create innovative, multi-channel brand campaigns that both build and deepen people’s interest in working for your organisation.

We believe (and the results say) this is the right way to do things. People from all walks of life work in care, but one thing they all share in common is the reasons they love their job. Like you, their number one priority is the patient, and where they choose to work is a huge part of this. That’s why our campaigns are centred around your core values and what makes you the true employer of choice.

Our unique approach has increased the number of general and specialist hires for the care companies we’ve worked with, all whilst significantly reducing the use of traditional recruitment agencies.

Put simply, the care organisations we work with have filled more of their jobs at less of a cost – all whilst boosting brand reputation and awareness of their services.

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Combining recruitment, marketing and technology.

There is no one size fits all solution when supporting care organisations, that’s why our approach is built around your specific recruitment needs and brand positioning.


Most recently, we supported a large care organisation with a creative employer brand campaign and critical recruitment drive. The aim was to boost staffing numbers through the initial COVID-19 peak.


Using digital content, we transformed the organisations social media pages into a cost-effective brand and recruitment tool. This filled all open support worker vacancies without any recruitment fees. Not only that, but over 100,000 people saw the campaign which had a huge influence on local awareness and potential future hires.


This recruitment marketing campaign included a mix of targeted advertising, content creation, brand development and social media management to deliver results.

Caregiver with Patient

Bespoke care recruitment and employer brand solutions.

We can provide a number of marketing and recruitment solutions built around your organisations scale and specific needs.

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